San Pablo City, Laguna, Philippines


The Digital Family

It is said that parenting these days is very different. But based on the way our own parents raised us, it seems to be equally difficult whatever generation one is born into. Each generation has its own "technology" breaker--the television, video player and telephone for our generation, the gaming consoles and cellphones for our millennial children and mobile devices for our youngest kids. Technology is both a friend and a foe for today's parents. Let's all see how we can help each other survive this generation, and the next one. 


We cannot escape technology. It is the great deluge of comfort and curses. But if we treat technology as it is--a cold and unyeilding tool--and humans as they are--people with hearts and feelings--we strike what I believe is an excellent formula for life in the digital age.


We are Gen X, Baby Boomer parents raising Gen Y "millennials" and Gen Z "strawberry" children. These are but labels sociologists and marketers put on generations to create differentiations and definitions. Right or wrong these category names do create an understanding of who they are, what they want and how they do things in this age of tech.


We as parents are past the mid-life stage filled with discoveries, guided by experiences and fraught by crisis which can only serve to strengthen rather than destroy relationships. This honest revelation to my mind only confirms what I already know. Nothing beats family.