On tech and tach

Raymond the Geek

Tech. Talk. Tribs is my blog. I have been on the Internet since 1995--when I joined BusinessWorld Online with Mike Marasigan. BWorld Online was way ahead of its time--the first local newspaper on the web. I was trained in the early versions of .html.

In 1997 I was information technology columnist at the now defunct Philippine Post. I ran a weekly column called "Post Bytes," even before IT was fashionable. I continued to write until after the Y2K ended, and was one of the few writers who came to the conclusion that it was going to be a huge farce.

Ray the Mechanic

I came back to writing in 2014--after Malaya Publisher Jake Macasaet invited me to do the newspaper's information technology section and redo the online version.

I had my first blog in 2001 and with Conrad Carino ran one of the first automotive websites "Carz.ph." I had a series of blogs in Tumblr, Multiply and Blogspot, but I couldn't sustain these due to time constraints.

Raym & Ludi

When you marry your best friend there are many benefits.